1/15/2020 Release - QuickBooks Desktop Sync for Nested Chart Of Accounts, Adapting to QuickBooks Character Limitation and more


QuickBooks Desktop Sync of Hierarchical Chart of Accounts

We enabled the bi-directional sync of any hierarchical chart of accounts. In the example below we will now sync "Payroll Liabilities" and the sub-accounts of "Federal Withholding", "FICA Payable" etc.


Adapting to QuickBooks Character Limitation for Input Fields

We have introduced input field character limits to prevent QuickBooks Online and Desktop syncs from failing due to values that are too long and limited by QuickBooks.

The following fields in ServiceCore now have a character length limit and will alert you if you use more than the limited amount of characters:

  • Customer - Name: 41 characters
  • Chart of Account Name: 31 characters
  • Site Name: 41 characters
  • Site Type - Name: 41 characters
  • Tax Agency - Name: 41 characters
  • Tax Code Name: 31 characters
  • Tax Rate Name: 31 characters
  • Service Name: 31 characters
  • Service Category Name: 31 characters
  • Line Items Category Name (Classes): 31 characters
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