2/11/2020 Release - QuickBooks Online Nightly Sync, Credit Card Type, Mobile Inventory View, Removed Invoice Delete and more



  • The nightly sync performance for QuickBooks Online has been improved by enabling multi-threading. Records are updated both ways faster. For new customers onboarding their first sync time is quicker.
  • We are handling credit card types and brands more elegantly when payments are processed via Authorize.net or CardConnect/CardPoint. 


  • On the ServiceCore Mobile App, in the inventory section we have fixed an issue when viewing product serial numbers. In some cases they were limited to 100. Now you are able to use an infinite scroll and view all product serial numbers. 


  • We have removed the "Delete" invoice option to standardize with industry best practices and to keep a better audit history. If you wish to not charge a customer, we suggest using the "Void" functionality. 
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