2/27/2020 Release - Allowing 0% Tax Rate and more


  • 0% Tax Rates: You can now add 0% Tax Rates through the settings (Accounting tab, Tax Code Tab) or from within the invoice.mceclip1.png

  • Saving the original invoice total for a voided invoice:  When you need to void an invoice, we will now automatically append the invoice total to the invoice internal notes for later reference.


Immediate QB Sync for Invoices created via Bulk Billing

When you are creating invoices via the Bulk Billing feature, they will now get immediately queued to sync with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop after initiating the sync via the WebConnector.

Update Payment Form Functionality

On the receive payment form we have been using logic to match payment amounts and invoices. In some cases this was causing unwanted payments. Therefore we simplified and removed logic. Here are a couple examples:

  • When you "Receive a Payment" from an invoice, then the invoice will be selected and the payment amount pre-filled. Now when you change the payment amount, we no longer will auto-select an invoice that matches the amount.
  • When you receive a payment via the top menu (not from an invoice) and you enter a payment amount, no invoice will be selected for you based on the amount you just entered.


  • Invoice Void Status: The invoice "void" status was changing back to "paid" if an invoice was printed or emailed. Now the "void" status will remain. 
  • Job Calendar Picker:  When viewing a repeat job, then editing the repeat interval you can now see the full calendar picker for both date fields.
  • Inventory Removal on Create Rental:  When creating a rental and selecting quantities for a product, in the "Selected" section below the trash can icon will now update the quantity in the table above  back to 0.
  • QuickBooks Online Doc Number Overwrite:  The sync with QuickBooks Online is respecting the original QB invoice numbering again.  QB invoice numbers will no longer be overwritten.
  • Invoice Unpaid vs. Overdue:  For an instance of date & time calculation there were invoices with a "due date" of today listed underneath the "overdue" tab. All invoices with a "due date" for the current date will now show in the "unpaid" tab.
  • Edge Case Problem for Recurring Interval:  We have fixed a problem that was causing the previous date of the billing interval to be updated for the following scenario:
    • When creating an invoice from the recurring invoice template, and the invoice date was changed to a date outside the billing period, then the previous date of the interval got adjusted to the new invoice date. This caused future intervals to be shifted. 
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