2/20/2020 Release - Report and QuickBooks Desktop Improvements, Schedule, Credit Card Token, Job Fixes and more


  • We have updated the "total sales" calculation on the "Line Item Report". The total sales amount will now be reduced by credit memo and refunds amounts. Improving the table data display and the data download options will be part of a future release.
  • We have added more explanation to the "recurring invoice" popup that appears on saving.
  • We have updated the Chart of Account Type sync to allow naming conventions with and without spaces during the QuickBooks Desktop sync.


  • We have fixed an issue on the "weekly" schedule where jobs would be missing in the "unassigned" section if there was only one driver listed on the schedule. 
  • The customer accounting status calculation is now updating correctly if a refund is issued.
  • After creating an invoice from a recurring template, the billing period display was off by one day in some cases. The display on the invoice view has been fixed.
  • On the deposit detail report for the date range selection
  • On the "Deposit Detail Report" we made sure that the date calculation based on a UTC time will display the correct deposit date.
  • For CardConnect/CardPoint users we have fixed an issue when saving or removing a credit card to a customer profile.
  • On the renal view page we have fixed the job table pagination, which was off if there were multiple delivery or pickup jobs for the same product.
  • We fixed a weekly repeat job interval calculation that caused displaying jobs on the wrong day.
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