3/5/2020 Release - Repeat Job Lightbox, Status Messages, Search All Sites Feature, and more

The following improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after March 5, 2020.



  • Repeat Job Lightbox: When you click on View > View all jobs in repeat, after clicking on a repeat job, you are redirected to the job details page and the lightbox closes automatically.mceclip0.png

  • Void invoice status: When viewing void invoice from a job, the status is now correctly displayed as "Void" instead of "Paid".
  • Customer details page open balance: The dollar amount shown in the upper right corner of the page is now displaying the correct balance of that customer's open, unpaid account balance.
  • Adding credit cards to customers: ServiceCore accounts that are not enabled for credit card processing through CardConnect or Authorize.net were able to try to add credit cards for new customers. This option has been disabled until the account is setup properly to process credit cards.
  • Search All Sites Feature: The option to associate a new site to an existing customer from the Create Job form, the Create Rental form and the Create Invoice form is now working properly and returns the correct search results.mceclip1.png

Coming Soon

  • Mobile inventory: The mobile app will soon display more than 100 inventory items at a time.
  • Job completion emails via the mobile app: Users of the mobile app will soon be able to send job completion emails when completing a job.
  • Unable to Service: Soon rental line items will be adjusted accordingly when a delivery or pickup job is marked as "Unable to Service".
  • QuickBooks: Updates to tax code integration, export functionality, and more.
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