3/26/2020 Release - Mobile Updates, Rental Balance, and more

The following improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after March 26, 2020.


  • Mobile inventory
    The mobile app is now offering an infinite scroll for the serial number list. It can display more than 100 inventory items at a time. The screen also offers a filter that allows hiding all inventory items that have been barcoded.


  • Job completion emails via the mobile app
    Users of the mobile app are now able to send job completion emails when completing a job. You will find a preview of the job completion email in our release note for the web version.


  • Rental Balance
    Every Rental page offers now a rental balance in the top right corner that allows you to know quickly how much has been paid for a rental versus the unpaid balance.


  • The Ready for Invoice Job tab with more customer data
    In the Accounting menu , on the Ready for Invoice tab, the Job tab has been updated to show more customer information.


  • Invalid Product Availability Banner Removed
    We listened to your feedback and removed the "Invalid Product Availability" banner from the bottom of every page. We will be working on an updated version of the availability warning and a better placement. You can still view any product availability warnings on your dashboard.
  • Company Switch
    For accounts utilizing our company switch we have removed access to companies that are no longer active for an easier selection.

Coming Soon

  • Improved Rental Rates: Adding and editing rental rates will be easier. For more info about this upcoming release you can read this article.
  • Sales Tax Report: You can soon view and export a sales tax report offering non-taxable and taxable totals per transaction.
  • Line Item Sales Tax Report: You can soon view and export a sales tax report offering non-taxable and taxable totals per line item of every transaction.
  • QuickBooks: Updates to tax code integration, export functionality, and more.
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