4/27/2020 Release - Improvements to Rental Rates

The improved rental rates will be available in ServiceCore on or after April 27, 2020.

Introducing: Improved Rental Rates

Adding rental rates just got easier! When you visit a rental details page, or view an invoice for a rental, you will see a new section called "Rental rates". This section will allow you to add, remove, and edit rental rates for your rentals. 

Rental Details Page


Rental Invoices


What is changing?



When you create a rental, you choose products and rental rates at the same time.

You will select product quantity when creating a rental. Then, once the rental is saved, you can add rental rates from the rental details page.

It is tricky to find where to edit the rental services and rates.


Rental services and rates can be easily added and edited from the rental details page, or the event or recurring invoice.

You cannot choose multiple rental services for 1 product.


You can choose multiple rental services per product.


It takes a lot of extra steps to update rental rates for a recurring rental. For example, when you want to increase or decrease rates, you would have to create the next invoice and update the pricing. You can overwrite your current rate for a specific rental anytime by editing the rental rates. Existing invoices will not be affected by changes, only future invoices.
If you create an extra invoice between your recurring invoices on a rental or have to VOID and invoice, rate overwrites and classes will not persist when creating the next invoice from the recurring invoice. Your rental rate overwrites and classes will persist when creating the next invoice from the recurring invoice.


Rental Rates Preview

Watch this brief video that walks through the new rental rates improvements in ServiceCore.


How do I know if I currently use rental rates?

You can check if you are currently using rental rates by editing the delivery job for any rental and scrolling down to the "Inventory to deliver" section. If you have a selection in the dropdown, then you are using "rental rates".


Do I have to use rental rates?

No, rental rates are not required for creating and billing a rental. You only use them if you would to use our automated proration on delivery and pickup for recurring billing.

Will my current rates saved on the recurring invoice template change?

No, your current rental services and rates will be transferred into the new "rental rate" view and your recurring template. If you are using our bulk billing feature it will be advised to review each invoice on the preview.

If you have any further questions or concerns on this upcoming feature please feel free to contact customer service.

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