5/14/2020 Release - Invoice Display Updates, Associate Rental Popup, Preventing Batch Billing Duplicates and more

The following improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after May 14, 2020.


  • Invoice Tooltips: There were a feel non-working tooltips on the create invoice form and the create recurring invoice form that were removed and/or replaced with better help text.
  • Behind the scenes: Some improvements were made to our system behind the scenes to speed up the time it takes to build and test new features before they go live on the web app.


  • Aging Report: The aging report now shows the balance for customers that do not have a state setup in their customer details. The aging report previously did not include customers without a state in their billing address.
  • Create Invoice Form
    • An extra line displaying the "Services subtotal" has been removed to avoid confusion when rental rates are not displayed on an invoice.
    • When creating a new one-time or recurring invoice from the header, the “Associate Rental” popup now appears with a list of rentals that you can associate to this invoice.
  • Add a new customer link: You will now see a link to "Add a new customer" in the customer search box results on the creating invoice form and the create recurring invoice form.
  • Invoices Dates for Safari Users: The invoice and due dates on the invoice form should now populate correctly when creating an invoice from a recurring invoice and upon creation. Also, the next and last reminder dates (Previous Date and Next Date on the recurring invoice list) should be updated properly.
  • Batch Billing: The "Create Invoice" button can not only be clicked once for the same set of invoices, in order to prevent creating duplicate sets of the same batch billing invoices.
  • View Availability: The list of products that appears after clicking "View Availability" now displays immediately without needing to click on the page first.
  • Internal Tools: Internal tools have been improved to it easier for our customer support and quality assurance teams to troubleshoot issues.
  • Technician Filter on Schedule: When you have multiple users in the schedule with the same first name, the technician filter will now correctly select the right technician when you check and uncheck the boxes next to each person's name.
  • Divisions on Estimates, Credit Memos and Refunds: The division dropdown will show if a customer has an associated division. If the customer has only one division associated, then the division will be pre-selected. If the customer has multiple divisions associated, then you can choose the correct division from the list of options.
  • QuickBooks Online: When running bulk payment updates, payments should sync to QuickBooks Online correctly and still be available in ServiceCore. This operation is handled by the customer support and technical service team.
  • Phone Number Searching: You will now see the correct search results if you search customers by a 10-digit phone number.

Coming Soon

  • Billing Plan Tab: Soon you will be able to see which billing plan you are subscribed to in your account Settings section, and be able to manage the credit card for your subscription from within ServiceCore.
  • Credit Memo Improvements: We're working hard to make credit memos easy! Soon you will be able to search credit memos, apply credit memos in less clicks, and easily see which invoices were paid with credit memos. We'll post more information as it becomes available.
  • Billing Improvements: We're also beginning to plan for additional billing improvements to allow you to accept payments for more than 80 invoices at once, accept overpayments, unapply and edit payments, and record security deposits (record a payment without an invoice).
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