6/11/2020 Release - In Progress Rentals on Map and more

The following improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after June 11, 2020. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


In Progress Rentals on Map Tabs

When you view rentals on a map, you will now see only In Progress rentals. This will give you an accurate snapshot of where your inventory items are located as of today. To view this, you can go to either of these pages in ServiceCore:

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Map Tab
    1. View your in progress rentals on the map
  2. Navigate to Settings > Inventory > Products
    1. Click View Product
    2. Click the new In Progress Rentals tab
    3. View your in progress rentals on the map

Other benefits of this change:

  • The only rentals that display below the map are the rentals where that product is rented as of today
  • You will no longer see rentals where the product is not currently rented (out on site) today or rentals where the item has already been picked up and is no longer out on site


  • Inventory Quantity Display on Schedule: The quantity number that displays for delivery, service, and pick-up jobs will now display the correct number on the schedule. Previously the number was incorrect if the customer of the job belonged to multiple company divisions.
  • Invoice Status: The invoice status badge will now display correctly on invoice details page. Previously is was showing with all white text so that it appeared to be hidden.
  • Paid Invoice Buttons: Paid invoices will now show the correct button to "Print Invoice" at the bottom of the screen in green.

Coming Soon

  • New Login Look: If you access your ServiceCore account by logging in from servicecore.com, you'll notice that the website has a new look. You will still log in using the "Log In" button in the upper right corner of servicecore.com.
  • Billing Plan Tab: Soon you will be able to see which billing plan you are subscribed to in your account Settings section, and be able to manage the credit card for your subscription from within ServiceCore.
  • Credit Memo Improvements: We're working hard to make credit memos easy! Soon you will be able to search credit memos, apply credit memos in less clicks, and easily see which invoices were paid with credit memos. Please check out a side-by-side comparison of the upcoming changes in a new knowledge base article: Coming Soon: Credit Memo Improvements
  • Billing Improvements: We're also beginning to plan for additional billing improvements to allow you to accept payments for more than 80 invoices at once, accept overpayments, unapply and edit payments, and record security deposits (record a payment without an invoice).


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