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8/13/2020 Release - Inventory Availability from Dashboard, Gross Sales Report, Invoice Email Improvements, and more

The following improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after August 13, 2020. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


Inventory Availability from Dashboard and Rentals

You will now be able to view your inventory availability from the following locations:

  1. With one click from the ServiceCore Dashboard
  2. A new Inventory Availability tab in the Rentals section
Dashboard.png   Rentals___3_Tabs.png


Gross Sales Report

The Detailed Sales Report has been replaced with a new Gross Sales Report. The difference between the two reports is the addition of more sales information in the Gross Sales Report including:

  • Nontaxable totals
  • Taxable totals
  • Total Tax
  • Total with Tax

This report now also indicates that the report is accrual basis. This report will also be available to download and export to Excel as a .CSV file. 


Invoice Emails

Invoice emails have been improved to make them easier for your customers to understand and to provide a better inbox experience.

Enhancements include:

  1. Discounts row will only display when there are discounts applied to the invoice
  2. Payments row will show the sum of all payments made against this invoice to-date
  3. Amount Due will display the remaining amount due for this invoice
  4. Payments block has been reworded to now say, "We accept checks payable to My Company, and most major credit cards.” in case you don't accept cash, or certain credit card brands.
  5. Other various improvements have been made to the formatting of phone numbers and how dates are displayed


  • Site Creation:
    • When you create a new site, you will now be re-directed to the site details page, so you can double check your work and make sure the site pin is in the correct location on the map.
    • Also, hitting "Enter" will no longer submit the form, so you can type in LAT/LONG or other information without submitting the form too soon.
  • Recurring Invoices: When you view your list of Recurring Invoices in accounting, the customer name will now display for each customer. Previously, the customer row would display with the company/organization, first name and last name, or the customer name, depending on each customer's information. Now this list will display the customer name for all rows.
  • Show/Hide Inactive Customers: When you go to the Customers section of ServiceCore, you will now be able to control whether or not you see inactive customers using the "Show inactive customers" in the Filter By dropdown.
  • Total Activity Control (TAC) Importer Customer NamesWe have made updates behind the scenes that will ensure that customer IDs imported into ServiceCore will not cause errors when you accept online payments.
  • One-Time Rental Invoices: When you create one-time invoices for a rental, the word "Event" will no longer display in the rental rate line item description.


  • Global Job Search: The links that appear in the actions list dropdowns for jobs when you use the global job search (the search icon in the header) are now working correctly.
  • Total Activity Control (TAC) Importer: If you are a customer migrating from TAC to ServiceCore, we have corrected an issue with tax rates not being imported to ServiceCore with the proper values.
  • QuickBooks Settings: We have made improvements behind the scenes to improve how your account syncs with quickbooks for the first time.
  • QuickBooks Account Types: We have corrected the account type names that sync with QuickBooks Online.
  • Site Address: When you create a job or create a rental starting from a site details page, the site information will now be pre-filled on the form.
  • GPS Date and Time Stamps: The GPS dates and time stamps for inventory items will now only appear when the GPS was logged or updated via the ServiceCore Mobile App, and not when the products are edited using the ServiceCore web app.
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