3/25/2021 Release - Bulk Print of Statements, Edit Default Job Types, Delete Invoices, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after March 25, 2021. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


Bulk Print Statements

When your customers have unpaid invoices or are overdue, you might want to send them a statement by postal mail, letting them know. It's sometimes too easy for a statement to get lost or ignored in your customer's email inbox.

With our new bulk print feature for statements, you can more easily download, print, and send paper statements to customers with less clicks.

To use this new feature, follow the steps outlined in this help article: Send Statements in Bulk by Print or Email.

Here are a few screens to show you want's new:

Filter_By-comm.png   Print_Statements.png   Print_Preference_Only.png

Edit Default Job Types

When your ServiceCore account is new, it comes pre-populated with three rental job types:

    1. Delivery
    2. Service
    3. Pick-Up

In the past, these job types could not be edited. Now, you will be able to edit these job types and change the name to something that better suits your unique business and job types.

Why did we change this?

  • Because coming soon, you will be able to add durations to job types via settings
  • The duration will carry over automatically each time you create a new job of that same type (so you don't have to type it in each time)
  • You can read more about this new feature in our coming soon article and the section about Service Times for Routing
Note: For existing account holders, your default job types will have the word "(Default)" after them. You can remove this by going to Settings > Custom Fields > Job tab and editing the job type name.


Delete Invoices

The "Delete Invoice" option is back. But only for Owners. We heard you loud and clear that you don't want to have to submit a support ticket to be able to delete an invoice you created by mistake, or an invoice you want to go away (forever).

A few things to keep in mind before deleting an invoice:

  • Only the owner of the ServiceCore account can delete invoices
  • Invoices with payments cannot be deleted (unless you delete the payments first)
  • Invoices with job attachments cannot be deleted yet (this will be coming soon)
  • Once you delete an invoice, it's gone forever and it cannot be recovered
  • You can always void an invoice instead of deleting it
  • If you sync with QuickBooks, you will need to delete the invoice manually from your QuickBooks account (the delete does not sync)

Other Improvements Include...

  • Infrastructure: We've made several improvements behind the scenes to optimize the processing, testing and performance of ServiceCore
  • Service Reminders: Reminders have been updated to prevent you from creating a reminder with a negative frequency

Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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