4/8/2021 Release - Total Route Times on Schedule Map, Durations on Destinations, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after April 8, 2021. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Total Route Time on Schedule Map

In the sidebar of the schedule map view, you will now be able to see for each daily route:

  • Total service time
  • Total drive time
  • Total route time

The total route time adds together the service times of all jobs for the day, plus the drive time between all stops on the route. Here is a quick example of what this looks like:


Durations on Destinations

You can now add durations to your frequent destinations, so you can account for any wait time or delays when your drivers or technicians have to visit a destination such as a landfill, transfer station, wastewater treatment plant, etc.


When it comes to Service Times, what else has been released?

What's Coming Next?

  • Add Durations to Job Types via Settings: If you have a base level amount of time for your job types, you will be able to set these up one time through settings, so that service time duration will already be filled out each time you create a new job
  • Product Durations: In addition to a base-level job time, you will be able to set per-product service time durations in settings, and ServiceCore will handle calculating the total job time for you


  • Web App Volume Pumped and Unit of Measure Fields: The volume pumped field on the job completion form on the web app now allows you to enter in up to 5 decimal places (before you could only enter in whole numbers). So when your driver gets rid of 0.789 of a ton of waste, you can record the exact amount.
    • Note: Coming soon, you will be able to enter decimals via the ServiceCore Mobile App
  • Rental Jobs: If a rental job has been invoiced, you can now more easily view or edit the invoice from the job details page, or from any list of jobs.


  • QuickBooks Online: An issue has been resolved where applied credit memos were syncing to QuickBooks Online as a payment.


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