Manage Inventory During Pick-Up Jobs Using the Mobile App

Managing inventory during pick-up jobs is possible using the ServiceCore mobile app. Inventory management includes the option to add itemized inventory to jobs by choosing serial numbers, or by scanning barcodes or QR codes.

Before You Start

Here are a few things to know before you manage inventory for pick-up jobs using the ServiceCore Mobile App:

  1. Technicians should download inventory before leaving cell phone or Wifi coverage by following the steps in this article: Manage Inventory While Offline Using the Mobile App
  2. All itemized inventory that uses barcodes or QR codes has been scanned and added, by following these steps to associate barcodes and QR codes to inventory items
  3. Inventory can only be recorded during a pick-up job after the job has been started and is in progress
  4. Once a job has been started and is in progress, it cannot be paused or stopped, it can only be completed
  5. To "reset" a job so it can be started again, this can only be completed using the ServiceCore web app

How to Manage Inventory During Pick-up Jobs Using the Mobile App

To manage inventory during a pick-up job using the ServiceCore Mobile App, follow these steps:

  1. If you haven't done so yet, tap Start Job at the bottom of the job screen
  2. Get driving directions to the item if needed 
  3. Scroll to the Inventory section
  4. Tap on the (+) icon to view inventory
  5. For each product you will see the product and items that should be serviced or picked up

What Kind of Inventory Are you Managing on This Job?

Depending on what kind of inventory you will be managing on this job, jump to the appropriate sections below:

Bulk Inventory

If this job is only managing bulk inventory (inventory without serial numbers):

  1. Manage the inventory at the job site
  2. To take photos, scroll to the Attachments section
  3. Tap the Take Photo button
  4. Continue adding photos of inventory items
  5. Tap Complete Job at the bottom of the screen
  6. Follow these steps: Complete a Job Using the Mobile App

Itemized Inventory

If this job is managing itemized (serialized) inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the item serial number
  2. On the Update item screen, type in any notes about the item's Condition
  3. Tap on the Usage field
  4. Choose the Usage (light, medium, heavy)
  5. Tap Ok
  6. Tap Save
  7. Repeat the steps above to record condition and usages for any other itemized inventory items

Next Steps

After you're done adding inventory, next steps should be:

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