7/22/2021 Release - Exchange Jobs for Rentals (Web and Mobile)

The items mentioned below will be available on or after July 22, 2021. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Exchange Jobs

Exchange jobs can be used when you need to swap or switch inventory at a job site for a rental. For example, when you are dropping off an empty roll off, and picking up the full one, you'd use the exchange job type. Or if you need to switch out a damaged toilet for a new one, you could use an exchange job.

Why did we make this change? Because before today, if you needed to exchange inventory on a job site, you had to create two jobs in ServiceCore:

  1. Job 1: The delivery job to drop off the item(s) at the job site
  2. Job 2: The pick-up job to pickup items from the job site

It took two steps and was a lot of extra paperwork and scheduling. The new exchange jobs feature wraps these two jobs into one. Less jobs, less clicks, less to manage when dispatching. Exchange jobs will streamline your rental workflows and cut job creation time in half.

Here are a few screenshots to show you what's new:

Add_New_Job_Type_Modal.png   Create_Job_-_On-Site_Checked.png   Exchange_Job_Completion_Form.png

How to Create and Complete Exchange Jobs on the Web App and the Mobile App

If you're ready to start using exchange jobs in your account, here are the articles that will walk you through how to create the new job type, create an exchange job, complete it on the web app and on the mobile app:

Web Application

  1. Create an Exchange Job
  2. Complete an Exchange Job Using the Web Application

Mobile Application

  1. Start a Job Using the Mobile App
  2. Manage Inventory During Exchange Jobs Using the Mobile App
  3. Complete a Rental Job Using the Mobile App

In order to start and complete exchange jobs using the mobile app, please install the latest version of the ServiceCore Mobile App:

This update will be available as soon as your device prompts you to download the latest version of the ServiceCore Mobile App, or will happen automatically if you have automatic updates enabled on your device.

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