9/23/2021 Release - QuickBooks Sync Logs, Surveys, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after September 23, 2021. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


QuickBooks Sync Error Logs

If your account currently syncs with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, you can now download and view your list of errors as a .CSV file, in addition to being able to see a list of errors on-screen. Both of these tools make it easier for you to see any sync errors and to resolve them yourself, without having to submit a support request each time you need assistance. If you're interested in gaining access to these tools, please send an email to product@servicecore.com and we'll get you started.

For a better idea of what these errors even look like, check out these two help articles:



  • Non-US/Canada Addresses: We have resolved an issue where a number was appearing instead of the State/Province name on the customer details page for non-US/Canada addresses.


We want to hear your feedback about ServiceCore when it comes to possible new accounting features and route optimization improvements.

New Accounting Features

We're contemplating adding some new accounting features to ServiceCore. Would you mind telling us how you feel about these?

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Route Optimization and Job Appointment Times

We're in the process of updating Route Optimization in ServiceCore. As part of this update, when you optimize a daily route, appointment times of jobs will be automatically taken into consideration so the stops are arranged in an optimal order. Would you mind telling us how you feel about this?

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Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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