10/14/2021 Release - Appointment Times on Saved Routes, Void Credit Card Payments, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after October 14, 2021. To see these new features you will need to do a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


Appointment Times on Saved Route Create/Edit Form

When creating or editing a saved route in ServiceCore, the list of jobs will now display the appointment start and end times. This information will make it easier to double check that jobs are in the optimal order to respect job site access hours and appointment times.


Void Processed Credit Card Payments

If your ServiceCore account is connected to Authorize.net or CardConnect, you will now be able to void unsettled credit card transactions directly within ServiceCore. This means:

  1. When you click "Void Payment" for a processed credit card payment by following these steps: Void a Payment
  2. If the payment is still eligible to be voided (the payment hasn't settled yet), then the void request will be sent your connected credit card merchant account
  3. The payment will then be voided in your merchant account and in ServiceCore as well


You now longer need to login directly to your merchant account to void a transaction. If the payment has settled or cannot be voided, you will want to create a refund instead to return the funds to your customer.

If Your Account is Not Connected to Authorize.net or CardConnect

If you would like to accept online credit card payments from customers, you must first be setup with one of our authorized payment processors: CardConnect or Authorize.net. We recommend CardConnect because it offers special rates for ServiceCore customers. For more information about CardConnect and how you can use it along with ServiceCore, visit this page for more information.


Payment Terms and Tax Rate Fields on Accounting Forms

When creating or editing an invoice, recurring invoice, estimate, credit memo or refund in ServiceCore, you will no longer see the [+] buttons next to the drop down menus for:

  • Payment Term
  • Tax Rate

Instead of adding these options from the forms directly, you will now add new payment terms and new tax rates from the following locations in settings:


  • Ready for Invoice > Jobs Tabs: We have resolved an issue where the Ready for Invoice > Jobs tabs were not loading and would time out.
  • Volume by Territory Report: We have also resolved an issue where the Volume by Territory report was not properly displaying columns on the bar chart.
  • Payment Terms on Invoice Edit: We have fixed an issue that occurred when editing an invoice. The default payment term for a customer would overwrite a custom payment term saved on the invoice.
  • Estimates: We have also fixed an issue where duplicate estimates were being created after clicking cancel when sending the estimate by email.

Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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