Delete a Refund

It's possible to delete refunds in ServiceCore, however, we don't always recommend it since you might lose important refund-related information to reference in future.

Deleting a refund cannot be undone, so please only delete refunds if you are comfortable losing the links between refunds, payments, and customers.

In this article, you'll learn the drawbacks of refund deletion, and how to delete a refund if you need to.

Drawbacks of Refund Deletion

Before you delete a refund, keep these drawbacks in mind:

  • Permanent data loss
    If you delete a refund, you'll lose the refund details and all related information. Deleting a refund is permanent. Once you delete a refund, it will no longer exist anywhere in ServiceCore and you will not be able to get back to the refund at a later time.
  • Customer and staff confusion
    If you send a receipt or PDF to a customer for a refund that is deleted, there will be no way to reference that refund later on. There can also be drawbacks for customer service, accounting and sales staff if a refund is deleted and these individuals need to reference the refund at a later time.

Delete a Refund

Before You Start

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you delete a refund:

How to Delete a Refund

To delete a refund, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Refunds
  2. Locate the refund you want to delete be using the search, sort, and filter by options
  3. Click View for the refund
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  5. Click Delete Refund
  6. Click Delete Forever in the pop-up that appears
  7. You will see a message across the top of the page that says, "Refund successfully deleted."

Next Steps

After you delete a refund, you may want to:

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