4/14/2022 Release - Bounced Email Alerts, Sort Invoices by Site Name or Site Address, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after April 14, 2022. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

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Bounced Email Alerts

Sending an email sometimes feels like dropping a letter in the mail. You know you sent the email, but you don't know when it arrives. Or even worse, you don't when it doesn't arrive. Did your customer receive their invoice? Did they receive the job confirmation email?

ServiceCore has taken the mystery and uncertainty out of sending emails and will alert you anytime an email sent out of the system bounces or is rejected.

How This Works

The logged-in user who sends the email will receive an alert in their inbox like the example below. This email will show the email address that was invalid, and the reason the email bounced or was rejected.


Reasons an email bounced include when an email address doesn't exist, such as when there is a typo in the email address. Other reasons might be that the recipient's inbox is full and not accepting mail.

Once you receive this alert, login to ServiceCore, locate the offending email address and correct it, or contact your customer to discuss the issue. To learn more about email deliverability, visit this help article: FAQs About Email Deliverability.


Sort Invoices by Site Name or Site Address

You will now have the option to sort lists of invoices by site name and by site address. This will make it easier to send site-specific statements to customers.

To learn more about sending site-specific statements, visit this help article: Select Which Invoices to Include on Statements.



Signatures on the ServiceCore Mobile App

We have resolved an issue where job completion signatures would sometimes disappear on the ServiceCore Mobile App when the device was turned to landscape orientation. A new version of the mobile app should appear for you in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) within the next few days. Please download the latest version or setup automatic app updates to get the latest version on your device(s). The latest version of the mobile app will be 9.0.2.

Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements. You can learn more about these upcoming features:

  1. Detail Statements
  2. Choose Statement Type
  3. Account Balance Payments
  4. Early Pick-Up Proration in Company Settings
  5. Automated Rental Rate Proration for Recurring Invoices and Batch Billing
  6. Email Activity Log
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