5/19/2022 Release - Automated Rental Proration Settings, Early Pick-Up Proration Settings, Invoice PDF Improvements, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after May 19, 2022. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

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Automated Rental Rate Proration for Recurring Invoices and Batch Billing

When you bill rentals in advance or in arrears using recurring invoices, you never want to miss out on extra service jobs, one-time charges, or mid-billing cycle deliveries or pick-ups. Before now, in order to bill for these kinds of activities, you had to make one-time invoices manually. This caused you extra time and effort to create invoices for mid-billing cycle activities.


The improved rental rate proration and recurring invoice billing will now handle collecting together any mid-billing cycle activities on rentals, and automatically adding them to invoices created from recurring templates. This includes when you create the invoice from the recurring template manually and when you use batch billing.

Turn On Automated Rental Rate Proration When You're Ready

To find out all the exciting details about what happens when you start letting us handle the heavy lifting of proration for you, please check out these additional resources:

Early Pick-Up Proration in Company Settings

You now have more control over rental rates and proration. You can now decide whether or not you want to prorate rental rates when there are early pick-ups (in the middle of a billing cycle).


What you will see in company settings will be a new "Should rental rates prorate automatically on pick-up jobs?" setting. Once you have set "Enable automated rental rate proration for recurring invoices and batch billing?" to Yes, then you can decide if you want to prorate for early pick-up or not by toggling this setting to Yes or No. Based on your selection, ServiceCore will handle the calculation of rental rates accordingly based on mid-billing cycle pick-up jobs.

For complete information about these settings, visit these links to learn more:

How Proration Settings Affect Revenue

Here are three examples of how changing proration settings affects the revenue of an example rental:

  Recurring Invoice Billing Period: 28 Days Advanced
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Automated Proration OFF ON ON
Early Pick-up ON ON OFF
Invoice 1 (6/1) $150.00 $175.00 $175.00
Invoice 2 (6/29) $160.71 $285.71 $425.00
Invoice 3 (7/27) $26.79 $41.79 $165.00
Total Revenue $337.50 $502.50 $765.00
Increase $165.00 $427.50
(+49%) (+127%)

Visit this link to learn more: About Rental Proration Settings

Try It Out For Yourself

Here is the spreadsheet we've developed to simulate how these settings can impact rental revenue. It’s a Google sheet with instructions and you can make a copy and use it as you please: Advanced Proration and Early Pick-Up Examples Google Sheet.



Invoice PDFs

Invoice PDFs have received a few small improvements including:

  • Tax ID: If you have a "Tax ID" listed for your account in company settings, this ID will now appear below the from address in the top left of the document.
  • Surcharges: When percent rate (%) surcharges appear as line items on invoices, the percent rate will now appear after the surcharge name in parenthesis.
  • Invoice Message: There was an extra indent at the beginning of the invoice message section that has been removed.



Assign Sites to Multiple Customers

After careful consideration, we have removed the feature that allows a single site to be associated with multiple customers. Our most recent analysis showed that this feature was being used for 0.03% of sites across all sites for all ServiceCore accounts. The effort to maintain this feature, the effort to onboard new accounts with this feature in place, and the limitations imposed by this feature would not allow us to make bigger, better improvements to the system in the future, namely features around custom pricing for sites and customers.

Please be assured that no customers and no sites have been deleted in this process. All of your data has been maintained. The change you will see is that going forward, you will no longer be able to assign multiple customers to a single site.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Existing: Customers can have multiple sites
    • For example, customer "ACME Homes" can have three sites:
      • 123 Main Street
      • And 456 Main Street
      • And 789 Main Street
  • New: Sites can only belong to one customer at a time
    • For example, site "123 Main Street" belongs only to "ACME Homes"
      • We are looking to start development soon on a new feature will let a customer (the site owner) be changed to "XYZ Homes" if the site is bought/sold/changes hands

To receive the latest information about upcoming features related to customers, sites, custom pricing and more, please visit or follow our page: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements. We hope that you will be excited about what's coming, and we apologize for any inconvenience the removal of this feature may cause.



  • Batch Billing: We have resolved an issue where you were unable to use batch billing for recurring invoices to create and send more than 100 invoices at a time.
  • Statements: When you send statements to customers, the "Balance Due" amount shown on the PDF will now show the balance due for the invoices listed on the document, rather than the overall balance due for the customer's account.
  • Email Activity Report: We have resolved an issue where your Email Activity report was not updating with the latest information when emails are sent, delivered or bounced.
  • Invoices: We have resolved an issue where you were unable to delete an invoice if any of the jobs associated with the invoice had attachments.
  • Payment Receipt Email: The "Outstanding Account Balance" that appears in payment receipt email was sometimes not showing the correct amount. This issue has been resolved.
  • Tax Codes List: We have resolved an issue where the tax code list in company settings would not update immediately when a new or existing tax code was marked as your "Default" tax code.

Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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