6/9/2022 Release - Better Tax Code Rules on Accounting Forms, Tax Improvements for Sites, and more

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Better Tax Code Rules on Accounting Forms

As part of our ongoing initiative to reduce time, effort and errors when creating accounting transactions, we are rolling out another phase of tax-related improvements for accounting transaction forms including invoices, recurring invoices, estimates, credit memos and refunds.

What Does this Mean?

What this means is that depending on what tax defaults you have setup in your account, you can shave considerable time off the process of creating or editing transactions in ServiceCore.

You can now set tax defaults...

How This Affects Tax Codes on Transaction Forms

When you create a new invoice, recurring invoice, estimate, credit memo or refund, the tax code that appears in the "Tax Code" dropdown will follow these rules:


We encourage you to try out these new tax code features and find the best combination of default options that work for your business and tax situation. To learn more about setting up tax codes you can also visit this help article: Add Tax Codes.

What Happens if a Customer or Site is Tax Exempt?

When you create a new transaction for a customer and/or site that is tax exempt, you can expect the following to happen on the form:

  • All line items (rental rates, line items, surcharges) will automatically be marked as non-taxable (the tax box will be unchecked)
  • The tax code field will be pre-filled with "Tax Exempt"


Tax Improvements for Sites

Default Tax Codes for Sites

Last week we released customer tax improvements. Starting this week you can now also set a default tax code on a per-site basis. You will see this new field below the map on the "Add New Site" form and the "Edit Site" form.


Tax Exempt Status for Sites

For situations where you need to designate a site as "Tax Exempt" you will now be able to do so from the "Add New Site" form and the "Edit Site" form. Once you choose "Tax Exempt", you will be able to enter tax exemption details to keep on file. Here is a preview of this new feature:



  • Automated Rental Rate Proration: We have resolved two issues with the new automated rental rate and early proration features including:
    • Flat Rates: Flat Rate rental rates were not appearing correctly when the second invoice was created from a recurring invoices for a rental
    • Rental Rates: Sometimes rental rates would be duplicated on invoices when the same service was being used for two different products
  • System Attachments: We have resolved an issue where attachments on systems were not being saved when creating or editing a system.

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