7/7/2022 Release - Time & Distance Calculator, Copy Invoices, Closed Accounting Periods, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after July 7, 2022. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


  1. Time & Distance Calculator
  2. Copy Invoices
  3. Closed Accounting Periods

Time & Distance Calculator

Do you ever need to quickly calculate time and distance between two locations? Like when you receive a phone call and you need to know if this potential customer is within your service area? Or when you need to dispatch a driver to a new job or to an emergency job? And when you're creating an invoice and need to add a trip charge? Yes, yes, and yes!

In today's release, you will see a new button that looks like a calculator in the header of the web app. Click this button to view the new time/distance calculator tool.


This tool allows you to quickly calculate time and distance between two locations right within ServiceCore. You won't have to open another website or external tool to handle this for you. It doesn't save time or effort to have to use two tools to get your job done, if one tool can handle it all.


Ready to try this out for yourself?

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Click this link: Show Me the Calculator

Copy Invoices

Today's release includes the ability to copy one-time invoices. This invoice shortcut can save you time, effort, and errors if you have an invoice on file that already has all the right line items, rental rates and surcharges.


Create an invoice for your most common job or event that includes your standard line items and surcharges, then use this invoice as a template for future invoices. Simply click Copy Invoice, update the copy with the relevant dates and other information. Submit the invoice form and you're done!

Ready to try this out for yourself?

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Click this link: Show Me How to Copy an Invoice

Closed Accounting Periods

mceclip3.pngWe are releasing the first two parts of our new closed accounting periods feature today. This includes:

  1. The ability to set a closed accounting period date in company settings
  2. Preventing the creation/editing of invoices, recurring invoices, and credit memos in the closed period.

Company Settings

If you have Owner or Admin permission level, you can set a closing date in your account by following these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to Settings > Company > Preferences
  3. Scroll down to the new Accounting section
  4. Enter a Closing Date
  5. Click Save

Ready to try this out for yourself?

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Click this link: Show Me How to Close My Books

Invoices, Recurring Invoices, Credit Memos

Once you set a closing date in company settings, here's what will happen:

  • Anytime a user in your account (including you!) tries to take the following action for invoices, recurring invoices and credit memos:
    • Create
    • Edit
    • Void
    • Delete
  • If the date of that transaction falls on or before the closing date, the system will show a warning letting them know that if they proceed, this action will affect the correctness and balance of your books
  • Users with Owner or Admin permission level will be able to submit the transaction
  • Users with Manager or lower permission levels will be blocked from creating or editing transaction


Coming in the next phase of this project, the closed accounting period date will also apply to payments and refunds.

For QuickBooks Users

If you have a closing date set in your QuickBooks account, we recommend you take the following steps to help prevent unwanted sync errors between ServiceCore and QuickBooks:

  1. Login to your QuickBooks account
  2. Write down or make note of the closing date in your QuickBooks account
  3. Login to your ServiceCore account
  4. Navigate to Settings > Company > Preferences
  5. Enter the same closing date into the Closing Date field
  6. Click Save

Join the ServiceCore Research Group

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Every study is different, and each session is no pressure and requires minimal time commitment. If you're interested, please tell us a little more about yourself by filling out this quick questionnaire: ServiceCore Research Group. We look forward to meeting you!

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Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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