7/28/2022 Release - Apply Closed Accounting Period Rules to Payments and Refunds

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Apply Closed Accounting Period Rules to Payments and Refunds

As part of today’s release, you will be able to apply closed accounting period rules to payments and refunds.

This is  a continuation of the Closed Accounting Period Rule previously implemented and now applies to Payment and Refunds.

In this release, users with Manager level permissions and below will not be able to create/edit/ or delete payments and refunds if a closed accounting period has been applied to the specific timeframe.

This is done to reinforce balanced books and maintain the integrity of accounting periods implemented by users with those permissions.


  • Record Payments: We have resolved an issue where closing a payment that did not have any invoices selected would still complete the request. Now, if the user closes the modal, it will not complete the request and takes you back to the original form.
  • Emailing Newly Created Estimate: An issue was occurring where users would fill out a new estimate and sometimes receive an error message when clicking “Send Email” even though the email had been correctly created and sent. Users will no longer receive this error message when sending an estimate and email.

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