About the Jobs Report

ServiceCore offers many different ways to find and keep track of the jobs you schedule. Under the ServiceCore Reports Dashboard you'll find the Jobs Report which can help you locate jobs across all your customers.

For example, maybe you want your dispatchers to locate partial or unable to service jobs on a daily basis in case you need to reschedule or issue trip charges to your customers.

Perhaps you're in charge of billing jobs for a roll-off business and need to find which jobs were completed today in order to invoice your customers.

Alternatively, maybe you're the owner of the business and want to see which drivers are underperforming by checking their actual job duration and comparing it to the expected service duration you set.

For all these reasons and more, the Jobs Report can be an essential reporting tool for your business.

Before You Start

Here are some things you should know about the jobs report:

  • You must have Manager, Admin or Owner level permission to view a customer's jobs
  • The date range filter for jobs filters by Schedule Date and does not filter by completion date
  • Jobs report defaults its Date Range to the current date
  • The jobs report is exportable to excel
  • You can only export up to 31 days of results at a time
  • Times displayed on the jobs report export will show in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) 

How to Use the Jobs Report

Follow the steps below to search, sort, and filter all jobs using the Jobs Report:

  1. Navigate to the ServiceCore Reports Dashboardmceclip8.png
  2. Under Business Overview, click View Report for the Jobs Reportmceclip1.png
  3. Select a pre-set Date Rangemceclip2.png
  4. Or Enter in a specific date range using From and Tomceclip3.png
  5. Click on Filter by
  6. The list of additional filter by options will appear
  7. To view all repeat jobs on separate rows in the table, uncheck the box of Condense repeat jobs
  8. Use the Division option to filter the list of jobs to only show jobs associated to that division (if your account does not have Divisions enabled, you will not see this option)
  9. To filter by job status, click on the Status dropdown and choose one of the options from the list
  10. Use the Job type option to filter by job type
  11. Use the Scheduling type to filter by repeat jobs, one-time jobs, etc.
  12. Use the Technician option to filter the jobs to show jobs for one technician at a time
  13. Once you're finished selecting filters, click Close

Reset and Clear Filters

If you want to "start over" and reset and clear filters, do this:

  1. Click Filter by
  2. At the bottom of the filter by menu, click Reset

Exporting to Excel

If you want to export these results into an excel spreadsheet, click the Export to Excel button.


This will begin your export. The spreadsheet containing the results from the jobs report will be emailed the email associated with your ServiceCore profile.mceclip5.png

About Icons on Jobs

The jobs listed under the Jobs list will show various different icons or statuses depending on the details of the job. You can find a short list below: mceclip6.png

  1. Emergency Job
  2. Job has Driver Notes
  3. Job has Attachments
  4. Job Status (can be Scheduled, In Progress, Done, Partial Service or Unable to Service)

Finding Partial or Unable to Service Jobs

We recommend checking for Partial or Unable to Service jobs on a daily basis as best practice. You can do this by following the steps above and filtering out by the Status type and selecting either Partial Service or Unable to Service status.


Creating an Invoice from the Jobs Report

If you bill your jobs individually, the jobs report can be a helpful tool to identify work that has been competed and is now ready to be invoiced.

Once you follow the steps above to filter for your desired results, jobs that are ready for invoice will have a "Start Invoice" link.mceclip9.png

Clicking to Start Invoice will take you to the Create New Invoice form where you can fill out the details for your customer's invoice as needed.

If a job has already been invoiced, the "Start Invoice" link will be replaced with a link to the Invoice the job was added to.mceclip10.png

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