10/6/2022 Release - Unassigned Repeat Jobs, Edit Jobs From the Schedule, Route Optimization Before and After Driving Distance, and more

The items mentioned below will be available on or after October 6, 2022. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

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Unassigned Repeat Jobs

Starting today, selecting a Technician will be optional when you create rental or non-rental repeat jobs. If you don't know beforehand which technician will perform an upcoming series of repeat jobs, you no longer have to decide at the time you create the job. Instead, you can assign the job the week before, day before, or wait until the morning of when the job is scheduled.


Unassigned repeat jobs will now appear like any other unassigned job on every view of the schedule (day, week, list, map) and in lists of jobs.


Edit Jobs From the Schedule

With today's release, you can quickly and easily make changes to a job, without ever leaving the schedule. When you need to reassign the technician, add driver notes, update inventory, you can make these changes without losing your place. Before you had to open the job, leave the schedule, edit the job, save it, and then find your spot back on the schedule again. It was a lot of extra clicks, extra time, extra effort. We've eliminated all those extra steps with this latest change.

Here's what this looks like...

Edit a Job View a Job

To edit a job from the schedule:

  1. Hover over the job*
  2. Click on the edit (pencil) button

To view a job from the schedule:

  1. Hover over the job*
  2. Click on the job number link

*On the list view of the schedule, the buttons/links always appear without hovering over the job.

Route Optimization: Before and After Driving Distance

When you use the schedule map in combination with route optimization, after optimization is complete, you'll see the number of miles saved for the route in the sidebar.


If you decide to manually reorder stops on the route, you'll see this number go higher or lower, to show how many miles are added to a route, or removed from a route as the order of stops change.


  • Surcharges: We have resolved an issue where certain percent (%) surcharges would round down instead of up to the closest penny on invoices. Here's an example:
    • If you create an invoice with a $94.00 subtotal and a 3.75% surcharge, the surcharge line item total is $3.525
    • The line item in this case was rounding down to $3.52 instead of rounding up to $3.53
    • The surcharge now correctly rounds up to the closest penny in situations like these
  • Rental Rates: We have resolved an issue where the rental rate billing interval name was not displaying correctly in the rental rates list after you assigned a new service to a job on a rental.
  • Credit Card Icons: We fixed an issue where the credit card icons were not displaying properly on the "Credit/Debit Cards" tab of a customer's profile.

Coming Soon

Please find our coming soon information at its new home: Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements.

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