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Schedule View - Add product detail




  • Official comment
    Product Team

    Jay and Thomas,

    I have moved this feature request to our internal Feature Request board that the Product Team reviews each month to decide what features to add to ServiceCore in the future.

    We do plan to make updates to that information displays for jobs on the schedule, and we will take your suggestion to display product details and/or color coding into consideration.

    For more information about our feature request process, check out our article: Where Do My ServiceCore Feature Requests Go?

    We will reply to this post if or when we decide to make these enhancements to the schedule. 

    Thank you again for taking the time to send through this request.

  • Jana McKay

    Jay, I will add this suggestion to our task list since we are looking at improving the schedule soon. So do you think the street address then is rather irrelevant?

  • Jay Peters

    I don't know that it is completely irrelevant, but we usually open the job to see it anyway. I'd much rather have the rental item info at a glance

  • Thomas Lombardi

    i would like to see this also.We cant tell if we are delivering 1 unit or 2 or an ada unit or a dumpster.Maybe color code it?It would also help with our truck loading and mapping.


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