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Reports for Job Type




  • Official comment
    Product Team

    Jessica and James,

    I have added your request to our internal Feature Requests board that we use to plan which next features to add to ServiceCore. We do have some new production and reporting on the horizon. I will make sure to add your specific comments as well. Thank you again for this suggestions. Apologies for the sloooow response.

    For more information about how we handle feature requests, check out this new article: Where Do My ServiceCore Features Requests Go?

  • Ori

    Hi Jessica,

    You can report on jobs based on job types.

    Simply go to Reports --> Jobs --> Select the job type in "Filter"

    I do see the potential to upgrade the report with totals, ability to export etc. Happy to discuss these ideas further.

  • Jessica Stansbury

    From what I can tell, you can only filter by the default job types that ServiceCore has. If there are any custom job types that we have created, they don't show up as an option.

  • Ori

    Good add for additional filter enhancement.

  • James Duquette

    I agree i have this problem as well we love to run and analyze all of our data, so we can track trends and anticipate needs for growth.  The reports are very limited and i wish i had the ability to customize them more.


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