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Show Search Results for Customers and Sites




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    Laura William

    Hi Jessica. Thanks for your feature request.

    What you want is, for example, if you type in the word "Washington". Then, the search results will show any Customers with the name Washington, like "George Washington". Plus, you'd want to see any Sites with an address of "Washington Street".

    Right now, in order to search both, you have to search twice. You want to be able to search both at the same time.

    If that's not right, please reply with more information. Otherwise, I'll add your suggestion to our list of feature request items. Being able to search and find customers and sites faster and with less clicks would be nice (not to mention save you time).

    Thanks again for your suggestions. Keep them coming!

  • Jessica Stansbury

    Yes, that is correct. It would be a BIG help.

    Thank you!

  • Krista Kern

    Yes!!!  Please.  When we have a customer with MANY sites, it is very difficult to search within the customer.  We would really love to see first line opportunity to search by SITE name or address, please.



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