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Create Jobs From Estimates




  • Official comment

    Hi Jessica. Thanks for making this request. You're right, you currently have to enter in the data twice. Double data entry is a pain, for sure. The good news is that we have started the initial development work to build this feature that allows you to start or create a job from an estimate. We don't have a time frame yet of when this new feature will be available. Once it is available, we will circle back and let you know. If you have any follow up questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Rick Wolfley

    I am also interested in this feature. Is there any update in the last 4 months? 

  • Jessica Stansbury

    No, unfortunately no new updates

  • Katie Sevin

    Is there any new update for this?

  • Jessica Stansbury

    Wish I could say so but no, nothing new. This is a very basic task that would be extremely helpful!

  • Product Team

    Rick, Jessica and Katie,

    You're all correct. There have been no new developments on this feature in the past year.

    We are still considering this request, among several other competing requests. We recently published an article about what happens to your feature requests: Where Do My ServiceCore Features Requests Go?

    We promise this item is still under consideration. We will post a follow up if and when more information becomes available.

    Thank you again for your follow ups.


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