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Make Customer Notes, Site Notes, and Contacts Visible




  • Official comment

    Hi Jessica.

    Thank you for this suggestion.

    We will consider the feature you mentioned to have an "identifier" showing there are notes and how many notes. Something we didn't consider yet was adding the sites notes as well. Thank you for pointing this out. I have written down your additional suggestion to show site notes. We will update this answer with additional information once this feature gets further into production.

  • Kathie Christ

    Or a pop up note feature that let's you know right away when you pull up a customer -- ie. bad debt, slow payer, crazy person....etc

  • Jessica Stansbury

    It would be nice for the same to be done on the contacts "tab" that way we know if there ARE contacts for a customer.

  • Product Team

    Jessica and Kathie,

    I will update your feature request with these additional comments.

    Here is an article we just published that might help take away some of the "mystery" about what happens to the feature requests that you've sent through to us: Where Do My ServiceCore Features Requests Go?

    Once we have more information in response to your request, we will send a follow up.


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