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Qty of actual Delivery/Pick Up




  • Official comment
    Product Team

    Hi Aricca,

    Good news!

    We have changed how the quantity displays on rental jobs so you now see the actual quantity being delivered or picked up, rather than the total quantity on site. This fix came out on April 16. You can read more about it here: 4/16/2020 Release - QuickBooks Online Sync Export Only, Job Quantity Fix, and more

    You will see the actual quantity when you view rental jobs using the ServiceCore web app, and also in the ServiceCore mobile app.

    If you have any follow up questions, feel free to reply to this post or send them our way at

    Thank you again for your suggestion.

  • Andrew T

    Hi Aricca,

    Thank you for sending over this request.

    I see what you mean. When the number that is showing is the total quantity on site, it's hard to know how many units need to be delivered for that one specific job.

    The good news is that what you're asking for is currently on our list of feature improvements. At this stage we're planning how and where to improve quantities that show on jobs and rentals. This applies to both the web app and the mobile app.

    Once we have more information, we will circle back and update this post with additional details.

    Thanks again for taking the time to send over this request.


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