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Internal Notes on Rentals




  • Official comment
    Andrew T


    Thanks for the great suggestion for being able to enter notes to a rental.

    Currently, other ServiceCore users utilize job completion notes to enter "checked on dumpster - not full" and even upload a picture via the mobile app as proof. Then you can review these notes from the rental by looking for the attachment and note icon on the job table.

    I do see an advantage of offering notes, and consolidating everything to get an overview of what happened.

    We will add your feature request to our internal list of items to consider adding to ServiceCore.

    We very much appreciate your feedback.


    Jana McKay

  • Rick Wolfley

    I concur with Dean,

    We have people call and request a dumpster to be emptied and then the office gets the bill and try to deny that they ordered it and this can go on over a period of months, We would like to be able to add notes that had a date, person spoken to and a comment section, they would display in order of newest note to oldest note. 


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