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Email statements in a batch & leave history trail




  • Official comment
    Product Team

    Kathie, Jessica and Rick,

    The ability to send customers statements in bulk is on our roadmap and our outlook right now is to begin initial planning and design for this feature this year. We will be able to provide more information once this feature moves further along in the process.

    As for being able to see a history trail or audit log of what was sent to people and when, I'll add that feature request to our internal board where we keep track of customer suggestions. Next time the Product Team meets, we'll take this into consideration.

    Thank you all for your valuable feedback. It's truly appreciated!

  • Jessica Stansbury

    I agree that a history trail would be helpful. It would be nice to view an invoice or statement and see who it was sent to and when. 

  • Rick Wolfley

    We also could use this feature, at present i have to export 4 tables and create a statement in MS Access and then print all statements and mail to customers. 

    Having the ability to batch out statements would be a great feature 


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