Create a Multi-Site Invoice

As your customers expand and operate across multiple locations, the task of managing their invoices becomes increasingly complex.

To address this challenge, companies need the ability to combine multiple sites on one invoice, which can help streamline invoicing and improve overall efficiency. This is particularly important for municipalities and large events that require invoicing for multiple sites or vendors.

Fortunately, the process of creating a multi-site invoice is straightforward and does not require any major changes to existing invoice workflows. Instead, it simply involves grouping individual invoices from different locations into a single invoice.

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps necessary to create a multi-site invoice and provide tips for optimizing your invoicing process.

Before You Start

  • You must have Manager, Admin or Owner level permission to create a a multi-site invoice
  • Individual invoices can only be on one multi-site invoice at a time.
  • The Due Dates and Customer must be the same for all invoices added to a multi-site invoice
  • Once an individual invoice is added to a multi-site invoice, it cannot be edited.
    • It must be removed from the multi-site invoice in order to be edited and then be re-added
  • We suggest making sure all of the individual invoices you'd like to add to a multi-site invoice are ready for invoicing prior to creating a multi-site invoice
  • If you plan to create a multi-site invoice from recurring invoices and/or during the batch billing process, please review the Batch Billing and Multi-Site Invoices section at the bottom of this article.

How to Create a Multi-Site Invoice

To do the thing, follow these steps:

1. Click on the plus(+) button next to your username on the top right-hand side of the screen


2. Begin filling out the fields that appear


    • Enter Customer Name
    • Invoice Date (it will be set to current date but can be changed)
    • Clerk field will auto-populate to the logged in user's initials
    • Emails will auto-populate if added in Customer Settings
      • You can add additional emails at this step as well
    • Fill out P.O. Number (if applicable)
    • Adjust billing address as needed (will default to Customer's billing address)

3. Once the customer information has been added, scroll down to the Select Invoices section to select the invoices you'd like to add.


4. Filter down the table of available invoices by either:

    • Typing in the due date in the "Due Date" filter


  • Selecting the first invoice you'd like to add to the Multi-Site Invoice


    • Note: Invoices added to a Multi-Site Invoice must have the same due date. As a result, the table will automatically filter by due date and will only display available invoices to be added to the Multi-Site Invoice. Additionally, if you can’t find an invoice, double check the due date, and make sure that invoice isn’t already added to a different Multi-Site Invoice.

5. Click "Save/View/Create"

Now that you've created a multi-site invoice

Once the Multi-Site Invoice is Created and Saved, you will be redirected to the "View Multi-Site Invoice" page.


The top two sections of the page display the Customer Information and Multi-Site Invoice Details.

The next section will display Sites and Services Details.


This table expands to show more details related to the services, surcharges, discounts, taxes, and totals by site.

Editing a Multi-Site Invoice

You can edit a multi-site invoice by clicking on the edit button from the Multi-Site Invoice details page.

This is helpful when you need to remove an invoice from the multi-site invoice to make changes to it, or if it was simply added by accident.


Simply click on the checkbox for the invoice(s) you'd like to remove and save.

Adding, Editing, or Viewing Attachments on a Multi-Site Invoice

Users can add or remove attachments to a Multi-Site Invoice when creating and editing.


Users can also view these attachments when viewing a Multi-Site Invoice.


Printing a Multi-Site Invoice

The multi-site invoice PDF will have a breakdown of each invoice on the multi-site invoice aggregated by the site they correspond to.


If there is more than one invoice for the same site on the multi-site invoice, they will be in the same site grouping on the PDF document.


Emailing a Multi-Site Invoice

You can send the multi-site invoice off to the customer via email. The customer's default email address(es) will auto-populate and users can add additional email addresses as well.


The email will contain a PDF document of the multi-site invoice as demonstrated in the previous section.

Apply Payments to a Multi-Site Invoice

You can apply payments to Multi-Site Invoices by clicking on the Multi-Site invoices tab on the payments page when recording a payment for your customer.


You can choose the multi-site invoice or multi-site invoices you want to pay off and apply the payment. Payments applied to a multi-site invoice will be applied to the invoices in the order in which they appear. At this time, you cannot select individual invoices on the multi-site invoice to apply a payment to.


When a full payment is applied to a multi-site invoice, all of the paid invoices on the group will appear on the page as paid.

When a partial payment is applied to a multi-site invoice, only the invoices that had payment applied will appear on this page.

Have Customers Pay Online Towards the Multi-Site Invoice

Customers can use their customer number and pay online ID to access the payment page for the multi-site invoice. 


From this page, they can pay in full or partially pay.

If they pay partially, the payments will be applied to the invoices in the order in which they are displayed, which goes from oldest invoice to the most recent.

Print Payment Receipts for Payments Applied to An Invoice Group

The receipt displays the multi-site invoice number, invoice date, P.O. number, Clerk, Payments and Outstanding Balance.


The receipt will display the payment applied to the multi-site invoice, and will include each invoice on the multi-site invoice in which the payments were applied.


Batch Billing and Multi-Site Invoices

1. For customers that require Multi-Site Invoices, we suggest making billing groups for each Multi-Site Invoice you would like to create. Here's where you can learn how to Create Billing Groups to Use for Batch Billing.

2. Existing Business rules for multi-site invoices that still apply:

  • An invoice can only be on one multi-site invoice at a time
  • The Due Dates and Customer must be the same for all invoices added to a multi-site invoice
  • Once an invoice is added to a multi-site invoice, it cannot be edited.

3. New Business rules for batch billing of Multi-Site Invoices

  • In order to batch bill multi-site invoices, the customer must have at least one billing group.
  • When multi-site invoices are auto-compiled, the following rules apply:
  • Invoices with the same due date (and)
  • Invoices with the same billing group (and)
  • Invoices that are not already on a multi-site invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why can't I edit my invoice?
    • Check to make sure if it’s on a multi-site invoice. If it is, then you’ll need to remove it from the multi-site, make edits, then re-add it to the multi-site invoice.
  • Q: Why can’t I see all my invoices once I choose a due date on the multi-site invoice?
    • A1: The invoice due dates must be the same in order to add them to a multi-site invoice. Please create a one-time invoice to catch up the billing so that they’re on the same schedule.
    • A2: Double check that the invoice you’re looking for isn’t already on a multi-site invoice. You can only add the invoice to one multi-site invoice at a time.
  • Q: How many invoices can I add to a multi-site invoice?
    • A: ServiceCore limits the number of invoices that can be added to a multi-site invoice to 250. At which point, you’ll need to create an additional multi-site invoice.
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