About User Permission Levels

ServiceCore offers a wide variety of permission levels for users. Different permission levels control what information users can view, edit and delete in various areas of ServiceCore.

In this article, you'll learn about ServiceCore permission levels.

Before You Start

  • If you are the only user on your ServiceCore account, you will have Owner level permission
  • Owners can do anything and everything in ServiceCore
  • Each ServiceCore account can only have one owner
  • To change the account owner, please Submit a Request to ServiceCore Support for assistance
  • You must have Owner or Admin level permission to change the permission level of other users
  • To manage permission levels, you first need to add a user so there is more than one user in your account
  • After adding a new user, you can manage a user and their information anytime

View Permission Levels

When you want to view permission levels for a new or existing user, follow these steps:

  1. Click your username in the website header
  2. Click Settings from the list of options that appear

  3. Click the Users tab
  4. Locate the user you want to manage
  5. Click the down arrow next to View User
  6. Click Edit user from the list of options that appear
  7. Click Permission Level

  8. View the permission levels information that appears in the lightbox to determine what level view, edit and delete permission you want this user to have
  9. Once you're finished, click in the upper right corner of the lightbox

About Permission Levels

Permission levels include:

  • Technician
  • Tech - Billing
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Admin
  • Owner

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 8.05.58 PM.png

Depending on permission level, users can:

  • View: View (Read-Only)
  • Edit: Add, update, revise or change
  • Delete: Delete, remove or erase information permanently


Users with Technician level permission can view schedule and jobs.

Tech - Billing

Users with Tech - Billing level permission can view customers and schedule, plus view and edit accounting.

Assistant Manager

Users with Assistant Manager level permission has full access except for editing company settings, exporting lists, viewing reports, and deleting items.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 8.07.15 PM.png


Users with Manager level permission has full access except for editing company settings and deleting accounting information.


Users with Admin level permission has full access except for deleting admin staff and account owner. Admin users can also view invoice history logs.


Users with Owner level permission have full access to all areas and features of their ServiceCore company account.

After learning about permission levels

Once you're finished learning about permission levels, you may want to do the following:



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