How to sign up for ACH payments

ServiceCore recently released the ability for you to accept ACH payments form your customers. This guide will go through how to sign up for ACH payments.

To sign up for ACH payments you need a CloverConnect credit card account. If you do not have one, please reach out to Dan Quigley ( and he can help you out with getting one set up.

Please complete the form using the owners information on the CloverConnect account. It will be declined if the form is completed using a different email address than what is on file - if you need ton confirm the email address, please reach out to

  1. Navigate to the settings page of your account, once there click on the accounting tab and then ACH transfers
    ach tranmsfers setting.gif
  2. Click on the "Open ACH enrollment form" which will open up a Docusign module
  3. The form requests average/max transaction sizes and Average/maximum monthly volume. Please enter numbers that you would expect to accept through the platform. The higher the number, the more likely they will request documents (like bank statements) -  so make sure to enter a realistic number.

    The form requests both sales and credits - Sales = Accept, Credit =  Refund. Please enter the same number on both sides so that you can accept and refund the amounts that you need, do not put a lower number in credit or it will affect how you can refund ACH payments.
  4. Next section to fill out is  the business information. Please enter the business name, contact email and business address information.

    Merchant full legal name = Business legal name
  5. Finally scroll down to the bottom and sign the form
  6. Once completed we will submit to the processor and let you know if they have any questions or document requests. Once approved, we will enable ACh on your account within 24 hours and inform you of the change. Once done - you are good to accept ACH payments.
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