QuickBooks Online Automated Sales Tax

Quickbooks Online offers a feature called "Automated Sales Tax" (AST), which automatically applies sales tax and determines the sales tax agency. Once this feature is enabled in your QuickBooks online account, you cannot reverse this feature.

This tax setting affects how your QuickBooks Online transactions sync with ServiceCore.


How does Automated Sales Tax change my sync?

Below is an overview of how AST affects how your QuickBooks Online account syncs with your ServiceCore account:

  1. Quickbooks Online Automated Sales Tax uses the site address field on the invoice to automatically calculate a tax rate for an invoice
  2. When an invoice exports from ServiceCore to Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Online will recalculate the tax and overwrite the Tax Agency and Tax Code that was exported from ServiceCore

In most cases, Quickbooks Online will apply the same Tax Agency and Tax Code as what you selected in ServiceCore, using the site address.

Sometimes QuickBooks Online may automatically select a different Tax Agency and Tax Code. This can cause issues because:

  1. If QuickBooks Online calculates a different Sales Tax Rate, Code and Agency the invoice is updated in QuickBooks Online
  2. If a record is updated in QuickBooks Online, it triggers a sync back to ServiceCore
  3. The invoice you created in ServiceCore and sent to your customer will get overwritten with the changes QuickBooks online made
  4. The invoice amount will differ from the invoice you sent to your customer

Consequences for Your Sync

QuickBooks Online did not make Automated Sales Tax available via their Application Programming Interface (API), which is used to sync data with your ServiceCore account. Therefore, we can no longer ensure that the transaction amounts you created in ServiceCore will match after each sync.

During our 4/16/2020 release we will turn off all data imports from QuickBooks Online into ServiceCore. This means that any changes made in your QuickBooks online account will not sync back into ServiceCore. All necessary transaction changes will need to be made in your ServiceCore account.

We understand that this is an inconvenience. We will be working on a better solution that will allow data like customers, sites, chart of accounts and services to sync both ways to and from QuickBooks Online and ServiceCore.

Recommended Next Steps

After we turn off data imports from QuickBooks Online into ServiceCore, we recommend the following:

  • All customers, site, and financial transactions (invoices, estimates, payments, credit memos, refunds) should be entered and edited in ServiceCore so they will sync correctly into your QuickBooks Online account
  • After you enter customer, site and financial transaction information into ServiceCore, verify that is has synced correctly into your QuickBooks Online account
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance by submitting a support request

By entering your transactions in ServiceCore along, you will prevent double data entry (you do not need to enter transactions into ServiceCore and into QuickBooks Online).


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