Add Service Durations to See Total Service Time on Routes

ServiceCore's schedule provides you route-related data including: service time, drive time, total route time and total route distance.

Using these key pieces of information, you can see at a glance how long and how far each route will take your drivers each day. In order to see service time and total route time related information, you will need to add durations to jobs. If your business rents out products, you can also add durations to your products.

Before You Start

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start taking advantage of durations in ServiceCore:

  • You must have Manager, Admin or Owner level permission to perform the actions listed in this help article
  • Durations are optional on jobs and products
  • In order to see the most accurate "Total Service Time" and "Total Route Time" for routes, you must add durations to inventory products (if you're a rental company) and to jobs and destinations
  • Total route time will display correctly on the schedule as long as the route lasts less than 24 hours
  • The duration of each job will appear in the "Planned Duration" column of the Jobs Report .CSV export
  • Adding service durations to jobs will allow you to compare planned vs actual duration per job and assist with calculating average time per job

About Total Route Time on Schedule Map

In the sidebar of the schedule map view, you will be able to see for each daily route:

  • Total service time
  • Total drive time
  • Total route time

The total route time adds together the service times of all jobs for the day, plus the drive time between all stops on the route. Here is a quick example of what this looks like:


Add Durations to Jobs

If you have a base level amount of time for your job types, you can set these durations one time through settings, so that service time duration will be pre-filled each time you create a new job. That means...

  • If you add a duration of 30 Minutes to your job type of Inspection
  • Every time you create a new Inspection job, the service duration will automatically get filled in with 30 minutes on the Create Job Form
    • If you need to change the duration, you can always modify it on the job itself
    • Or, you can go back to that job type in settings and change it there
  • If this is a rental job: product durations will be automatically added to this job type duration
    • For example, if the job type time is 10 minutes
    • And this is a rental job where you will be servicing 3 units
    • And each unit has a product duration of 9 minutes
    • Your planned job duration will be: 10 minutes + (3 units x 9 minutes) = 37 minutes
  • When you look at the job details page, the Planned Duration will show the total planned job duration
  • Also, when you look at this job on the Schedule > Map view, this time will be added to all other job types to give you the total Service Time for the entire route

Add Durations to Jobs Using Settings

If many of your jobs have the same duration, adding the duration to each job type using settings will save you time when creating new jobs. To use settings to setup durations per job type, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom Fields > Job Types
  2. Locate the job type you want to edit
  3. Click Edit Job Type
  4. Fill in the Duration (hours and minutes, not to exceed 23 hours 59 minutes)
  5. Click Save
  6. Click the (+) sign in the header
  7. Click Create Job from the list of options that appear
  8. Choose the job type you just edited from the Select Job Type dropdown
  9. Look at the Duration field on the job; it will be pre-filled with the time you entered in settings

Add or Update Durations on Jobs When Creating a New Job

You can also add or update durations on jobs each time you create a new job or edit an existing job. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create Job from the ServiceCore header, a rental details page, or a site details page or click Edit Job (for an existing job)
  2. Enter the planned hours and/or minutes of the job into the Duration fields when you're filling out the form

Add Durations to Destinations

In order to have the most accurate total route time, ServiceCore also allows you to add durations to Destinations. This means that if refueling typically takes 15 minutes, then adding a duration of 15 minutes to a fueling location will ensure that time is factored into the Total Route Time that appears for each route in the schedule.

To add durations to destinations, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Schedule > Preferences
  • Scroll down to Frequent Destinations
  • Click the Name of a Destination
  • Enter the hours and/or minutes for the destination in the Duration fields
  • Click Save

Add Durations to Inventory Product Durations

You are now able to set per-product service time durations in settings for each job type in your account. ServiceCore will handle calculating the total job time so you can make better decisions when setting up routes based on service and drive times.

Associate Job Types to Inventory Products

  • For each inventory product in your account, you can associate job types to that product
  • For example, if you have a product called "Standard Unit" you can associate the job type of "Advanced Cleaning"

Add Product Service Time Durations

  • After you associate job types to products, you can then add product durations for each job type
  • The "Product Duration" is the amount of time it takes to perform that type of job for that type of product
  • For example, if you have a product called "Standard Unit"
    • For a job type of "Advanced Cleaning", you might enter in 10 minutes as the duration
    • For a job type of "Basic Cleaning", you might enter in 6 minutes as the duration

Let Us Handle the Math

Once you associate jobs types to your inventory and add product durations, we take care of the math:

  • Job Duration can be set each time you create a job, let's say for a service job you give it a duration of 15 minutes
  • Then, we add to that job duration the Product Duration Time (10 min per product) x Number of Products (3)
  • Job Duration + (Product Duration x Number of Products) = Total Planned Duration of 45 minutes

How to Get Started

To add durations to products, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Inventory > Products
  2. Select a Product from the list
  3. Click the Durations tab
  4. Click Assign Job Type
  5. In the pop-up that appears, select one or more job types to associate with this product
  6. Click Assign Job Types
  7. Enter in the Product Duration for each job type (in hours and minutes)
  8. Your changes will be saved automatically
  9. Once you create a rental with a job of the same type, after you save the rental, the jobs will inherit the job duration and per-product duration automatically
  10. This time will display as Planned Duration on the job details page
  11. This time will also display on the Schedule Map view for any route where this job appears

Calculate Average Time Per Job

Here is a way for you to find the average time per stop of jobs if you are able to open a .CSV file on your computer. If you want to try it, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ServiceCore Account
  2. Navigate to Reports > Jobs
  3. Choose a Date Range or set the From and To dates (the date range must be 31 days or less)
  4. Click Export to Excel
  5. Check your inbox for the email from ServiceCore with the subject line: "Your Export is Ready: Jobs"
  6. Click Download CSV File → in the email
  7. Download the .CSV and open it in your spreadsheet program of choice (such as Excel or Google Sheets)
  8. Look for Column K called "Actual Duration (Minutes)"
  9. In a new, blank cell in the spreadsheet paste in the formula: =AVERAGE(K2:K<max-row-count>)
    1. Replace <max-row-count> with however many rows are in your spreadsheet
  10. This formula will then tell you the Average Actual Duration in Minutes for all jobs in the list (excluding jobs with blank values in Column K)
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