Reviewing Messaging Chat History in ServiceCore

In ServiceCore's Messaging Center, the Chat History tab provides a comprehensive view of the communication you've sent to your customers. This feature is vital for tracking interactions and ensuring all customer engagements are documented. This guide will walk you through how to access and navigate the Chat History tab so you can review your message exchanges effectively.

Before You Start

  • Pro Plan Subscription: The Chat History feature is part of the Messaging service, available exclusively to ServiceCore Pro Plan subscribers. Learn more about the ServiceCore Pro Plan here.
  • User Permissions: Assistant Manager or higher permissions is necessary to view chat history

Navigating Chat History

Here's how to check the messages you've sent:

  1. Access the Chat History Tab: Within the Messaging Center, click on the "Chat History" tab. This tab acts as a log of all outgoing communications sent through the Messaging feature.
  2. View Contacts and Messages: The interface displays a list of contacts you have messaged. Selecting a contact allows you to view the entire thread of messages sent to that individual.
  3. Understanding the Display: In the Chat History, each message is timestamped for easy reference, and the content of your messages is displayed alongside the contact information.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.26.40 PM.png

Current Capabilities and Upcoming Features

  • Sent Messages: Currently, the tab shows only the messages you've sent. This is useful for confirming what information has been communicated to your customers.
  • Incoming Messages: In the future, the Chat History will be updated to include messages sent to your number, providing a complete picture of the conversation.
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