Enabling Contacts for Messaging

Effective communication is essential for coordinating services and ensuring customer satisfaction. ServiceCore's Messaging feature allows you to send important updates and information directly to your site contacts. This guide will walk you through the process of enabling contacts to receive messages and outline the various points within ServiceCore where you can manage messaging preferences.

Before You Start

  • Pro Plan Subscription: Access to the Messaging feature is available for ServiceCore Pro Plan subscribers. Learn more about the ServiceCore Pro Plan here.
  • Messaging Consent: It is crucial to obtain consent from customers before enabling messaging to ensure compliance with communication laws.

Setting Up Contacts for Messaging

To determine who receives messages from your ServiceCore account:

  1. Access the Contacts Tab: From the Messaging section, navigate to the Contacts tab. Here you will see a list of all customers and their associated site contacts.
  2. Enabling Messaging at Customer Level: By toggling on messaging for a Customer, you enable the feature for all site contacts related to that customer.
    • Note: Turning on messaging for a Site Contact will immediately trigger the automatic sending of the Intro Message.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.30.26 PM.png

Additional Ways to Enable Messaging for Contacts

Messaging can be enabled or disabled at different points within the ServiceCore platform:

Add New Customer Form

When you are onboarding a new customer through the Add New Customer form we have added a Site Messaging Settings section. This will allow you to get consent from your customer to send messages and enable messaging during the sales process.

Note: As this Customer is not yet associated with a site(s), you will need to enable messaging for the individual site contacts once they are added.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.44.32 PM.png

Create Rental Form

When you are creating a new rental Create Rental form, after selecting a customer and a site you have an option to "Update Messaging". Clicking update messaging will launch a right-rail and display the messaging preferences for the customer and each site contact.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.55.08 PM.png

Enabling messaging for contacts in ServiceCore allows you to keep your customers informed and engaged throughout the service lifecycle. By managing these settings at the customer level, during customer onboarding, and when setting up rentals, you ensure that all relevant parties receive timely updates, enhancing the overall customer experience. Remember to regularly review and update these preferences to maintain effective communication with your site contacts.

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