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Each time you create a job, we generate a unique job number and a job details page for that job. The jobs you create will also appear on the Schedule for the designated day or week that you scheduled the job to take place.

In this article you'll learn how to search for and how to find jobs in ServiceCore.

Use the Global Search

Use the global search to find a job by job number or customer name. For more information on the global search check out our How to Search article or follow these steps:

  1. Click the Search icon (white magnifying glass icon in the orange square) at the upper right of the header
  2. Click the Search category dropdown
  3. Select Jobs from the list of options that appear
  4. In the search box type in the job number or customer name
  5. Hit enter on your keyboard or click the search icon (white magnifying glass in gray square)
  6. Find the job in the search results list that appears
  7. To view the job details, click the job number or click View Job

From the Schedule

To find a job from the schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Schedule
  2. Click the Calendar icon to jump to a specific week or day
  3. Click Week to view a full week on the schedule
  4. Click Day to view a single day
  5. Click List to view jobs for a single day in a list format
  6. Click Map to view jobs for a single day on a map
  7. If the job is assigned to a technician, navigate to the technician who is assigned to the job
  8. If the job is unassigned, navigate to Unassigned
  9. Hover over the job (or tap on the job if you are using a touchscreen computer, laptop, tablet or phone)
  10. Click the View (eye) icon button to view the job details page
  11. To close the job details page, click the X in the upper right corner

From Customers

To view a job from a customer details page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customers
  2. Use the Search box to quickly locate a customer by full or partial: customer number, customer name, company/organization name, address, city, email address or phone number
  3. You can also use Sort by and Filter by options to refine a long list of customers
  4. Once you find the customer you want to view, click View Customer
  5. If the job you want to view was the last job completed, click the Job number in the Last Completed Job box
  6. If this wasn't the most recent job, scroll down and click the Jobs tab
  7. Search by site using the Filter by site search box
  8. To narrow the list of jobs, click on Filter by to filter by several different criteria
  9. Click Close
  10. Once you find the job you want to view, click View mceclip4.png 
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