QuickBooks Online Glossary of Error Messages

The purpose of this help article is to provide you with a glossary of the most common QuickBooks Online sync errors you might encounter when reviewing your error logs. Along with the error messages, we also provide a human-readable translation and instructions for how to solve the errors. 

That being said, sometimes the error messages are a little confusing and hard to figure out what to do to fix them. We're here to help if you get stuck. Please submit a support request if you need assistance.

Before You Start

If your account currently syncs with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, we will soon be making it easier for you to see any sync errors and to resolve them yourself, without having to submit a support request each time you need assistance. If you're interested in being a part of this pilot program, please send an email to support@servicecore.com with the subject line "QuickBooks Error Log Access Request" and we'll get you started.

Here are some things to know about troubleshooting and fixing your sync errors:

  1. If your ServiceCore account is not enabled to sync with QuickBooks Online, this article doesn't apply to you
  2. If your account syncs with QuickBooks Desktop, go here: QuickBooks Desktop Glossary of Error Messages
  3. Please read over this article to understand how the sync works: About QuickBooks Online Sync
  4. The most common way to re-sync a failed item is to edit and re-save the item in ServiceCore
    1. You don't need to edit anything on the page
    2. Simply click Edit for the item and then click Save
    3. That's all it takes to trigger the item to re-sync
  5. If you have an item that is linked to multiple transactions in your account, for example, an invoice that is linked to 5 payments, to get everything to re-sync you will need to:
    1. Edit and re-save that invoice
    2. Then you will need to edit and re-save all the linked payments

How Items are Linked in ServiceCore

For visual explanation of how items are linked together and sync to QuickBooks, below is a decision tree flow diagram to explain why when, for example, a payment doesn't sync, you must check the invoices, service line items, account names and more to find the root cause of the sync failure. A good way to think about this is that it's creates a "cascade" effect, like a waterfall, dominos or chain reaction. A failure in one thing far down the chain will cause the next link to fail, and then the next, and so on.

Click on the image to open it full size:


Glossary of Error Messages

Error Message / Translation Steps to Solve

Import IPPayment:186636 failed 'payment must relate to a linked transaction'

QBO allows ‘unapplied’ payments in certain cases. Unapplied payments are not linked to any invoices, and function similar to credit memos. ServiceCore won’t sync such payments.

  1. Locate the payment in QuickBooks
  2. Reapply it to its proper invoice
  3. Once this is fixed, recreate the payment in ServiceCore if needed

Import IPPPayment:186589 failed 'related invoice 186588 was not imported'

Our sync has a domino effect, this payment did not sync because the Invoice did not sync. The related Invoice will need to be looked into as to why it did not sync.

  1. Edit and save the invoice in ServiceCore
  2. Check the sync log to see if there is still an error
  3. If the invoice was successful, then edit and save the payment to sync it again

Service ‘ServiceName’ has been deactivated in ServiceCore

This error means that one of the Services, that are listed as a line item on the invoice, has been Deactivated within ServiceCore.

  1. Open the invoice in ServiceCore
  2. Take note of each of the service line items on the invoice
  3. View those same Services under Settings > Accounting > Services
  4. Search for each of the line items to verify they are active
  5. Once you have found the deactivated service, you will need to reactivate it
  6. After reactivating the Service, Edit and Save the invoice to force it to sync again.
  7. This time it should sync successfully, but be sure to check the logs
  8. Once you have confirmed that the invoice synced, then you can deactivate the service again

Service ‘ServiceName’ has been soft deleted in ServiceCore

“Service soft deleted” means that the Service related to this transaction was marked as Deactivated. 

  1. View those same Services under Settings > Accounting > Services
  2. Search for each of the line items to verify they are active
  3. To resolve this issue, either the service will need to be reactivated, or the Credit Memo will need to be updated to include an active Service

The entity in QuickBooks was deleted, so we are unable to sync it back to QuickBooks.

This invoice was synced into ServiceCore and was bound to an invoice in the customer’s QuickBooks account. The invoice in QuickBooks was deleted, so we are unable to sync this invoice back into their QuickBooks account. 


Depending on where the invoice originated, there are a few options. In QuickBooks Online, a Deleted invoice CANNOT be restored. Once an invoice is deleted, you can view it under the Audit Log in QuickBooks, but cannot bring it back as an active invoice.

QB Help page: Use the audit log to re-enter deleted transactions

  • If the invoice was created in ServiceCore, then the Invoice can be Deleted from your ServiceCore account to match your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account
  • If the invoice was created in QBO, then you will need to submit a support request to ServiceCore to assist you

Missing customer identified in QuickBooks. Most likely this was caused by a name change that did not sync.

This means that there is an issue with the binding between the Customer record in QB and SC. Most likely this was caused by a name change that did not sync properly.

  1. Go to the Customer details page for the customer on the invoice
  2. Edit and Save the customer
  3. Edit and Save the invoice again

Service 19 ‘Example Service’ was not imported

This means that there is a service line item on that invoice that is not recognized.

  1. Go to this URL: Blank Service Details Page
  2. In the URL in your browser, replace the numbers "00000" with the number after the word "value" in the error

Export Invoice:2098562 failed 'Operation Create/Update with Deposit turned off from Sales Deposit preference is not supported.'

Intuit’s API does not allow deposits on an Invoice if a “Deposit” flag is not checked under Preferences.

  1. In your QuickBooks account follow this path: Preferences > Accounts & Settings > Sales > Deposits
  2. Make sure the box for Deposits is checked

 Other errors not on the list above

If you encounter an error that isn't listed above, please submit a support request to ServiceCore to assist you.


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