Create a Rental

If your business rents out inventory products, ServiceCore lets you create rentals to manage the jobs you do and keep track of the products you rent.

Creating a rental is a simple process that only requires a Delivery job to get started. For event rentals, you may also want to add pick-up jobs.  For more long term rentals, such as construction projects, you can also add service jobs (one-time or repeat jobs).

In this article, you'll learn how to create a rental.

Before You Start

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you create a rental:

  1. You must have Manager, Admin or Owner level permission to create a rental
  2. Rentals can only have jobs for one site
  3. Inventory products are required to create a rental
  4. Delivery jobs are the only required job to create a rental


To make it easier to create a rental, we recommend having the following items already created and setup in your ServiceCore account before creating a rental.

  1. Create the customer that will be renting your inventory
  2. Add the job site where the rental inventory will be delivered, serviced, and pick-up from
  3. Add inventory (itemized or non-itemized) that you will manage for this rental
  4. If you will be renting itemized inventory, associate barcodes or QR codes to inventory items
  5. Add services
  6. Assign services to your inventory products to appear as rental rates
  7. View availability to make sure you have units available for the rental time period

Create a Rental

Show Me How

For step-by-step, in-app help adding a customer, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Then, click on this link: Create Rental

Tell Me How

To create a rental, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Plus icon in the header
  2. Click Create Rental from the list of options that appearmceclip0.png
  3. Click into the Customer search box and enter full or partial customer name to search for the customer
  4. Select the customer from the list that appears
  5. Click into the Site search box to view a list of sites associated to this customer
  6. Select the site from the list of options that appear
  7. In the Schedule section, select a Delivery job typemceclip2.png
  8. Select the Date for the delivery
  9. Select a Technician (optional - jobs without a technician selected will appear under unassigned on the schedule)
  10. Enter in a Time Window (optional - this is the expected time window for the technician to arrive)
  11. Add Job Duration (optional - learn about job durations here)
  12. Enter in Driver Notes (optional)
  13. To add services for this delivery job, click on Add additional charges (optional)
    These services will appear for your technician in the mobile app for this delivery job
  14. Click into the What services need to be done search box to search for services
  15. Once you see the appropriate services, select it from the list of options that appear
  16. To add a service job, or multiple service jobs, click Create Service Job
  17. Choose a Service job type for each service job
  18. Enter the Date for the service job
  19. If this will be a repeat service job, select Repeat Job
  20. In the lightbox that appears, fill out the Every field with how often you want this job to repeat
  21. Set a start date in the From field (it will default to the same date as your delivery job)
  22. If you know when the service jobs should end, fill in the Until date (optional)
  23. Select which days of the week this job should Repeat on
  24. If these jobs will be part of a route, click the Recommend route link and choose a route
  25. Once you're finished, click Confirm in the lightbox
  26. If you chose a route, the Technician will be automatically filled out
  27. If you didn't choose a route, and this is a repeat job, select a Technician for this service job
  28. To add additional service jobs, click Add Service Job again
  29. If you want to schedule a pick-up job, click on Create Pick-Up 
  30. Pick-up job date, technician, time, notes, and additional services are all optional
  31. Move on to the the Inventory section
  32. Narrow your list of products by using the Filter by option
  33. You can also use the Search box to narrow your list of products
  34. For a visual display of upcoming inventory, click the View Availability button
  35. Once you see the inventory product you want to associate with this rental, enter the number of units you want to rent in the Available column for each product (products that are not available will display with a 0)
  36. As you select products, the will display below the inventory table
  37. If you select a product by mistake, click the trash can icon to remove the product
  38. Once you're finished filling out the form, click Save

Next Steps

Once you've created a rental, you may want to:

  1. Add Rental Rates
  2. Add Jobs to a Rental
  3. Create a Rental with Recurring Billing
  4. End a Rental
  5. Or read more FAQs about rentals
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