Add a Destination

We've all got places to be, and destinations can help your technicians get there.

Destinations can be places like your Inventory yard, your main office, and any landfill or disposal sites you may frequent.

Once you've established a destination, you can use it for route planning on the schedule.

Before You Start

Before adding Destinations, please keep this in mind:

How to Add Destinations

Follow these steps to add Destinations:

  1. Navigate to the Settings pagemceclip0.png
  2. Click on the Schedule Settings tabmceclip0.png
  3. Click Add Destinationmceclip1.png
  4. A lightbox will appearmceclip2.png

A. Name - Name your destination! (i.e. Yard, Office, Landfill -- get creative!)

B. Country - The country this destination is located in.

C. Address - Required field. Make sure you let your browser know your location for some helpful autofill suggestions!

D. City - The city this destination is located in.

E. State - The state this destination is located in.

F. Zip Code - The zip code for this destination

G. Disposal Site - Check this box if this destination is a disposal site!

H. Geolocate Destination - Check this box to get or enter in coordinates for this location.

I. Duration - Optional field to calculate how long you should be at this destination. Very useful for calculating total route times on the Schedule Map.

5. Click Add New Destination

Now you'll have this Destination available from the schedule screen. It will also be available for establishing Routes and using Route Optimization.

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