Create a Non-Rental Job

Jobs in ServiceCore help you schedule and track the work you do for your customers.

Non-rental jobs in ServiceCore are jobs that you can schedule without needing inventory products. These jobs generally fall into categories like: septic or grease pumping, inspection, maintenance, customer owned unit service.

Non-rental jobs also allow you to use systems, which are helpful for keeping track of important customer system information and how much volume you are pumping on each job.

In this article we'll talk through the steps to create a non-rental job. If you need to create a rental job, check out our Create Rental and Add Jobs to a Rental articles.

Before You Start

Here are a few things to know before you begin this process:

How to Create a Non-Rental Job

Show Me How

For step-by-step, in-app help adding a customer, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Then, click on this link: Create Job

Tell Me How

For written instructions on how to add a customer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus (+) sign to the right of your usernamemceclip0.png
  2. Select Create Job from the menu that appears               mceclip0.png
  3. Enter in a P.O. Number (optional)
  4. Enter in a Job Name (optional)mceclip2.png
  5. Select an existing customer or add a new customer
  6. Select an existing site or add a new sitemceclip3.png
  7. If this is a pumping job, select an existing system from the dropdown or click to add new systemmceclip4.png
  8. Enter in the Job Schedule Detailsmceclip5.png
  9. Select Job Type (make sure you have non-rental job types created!)
  10. Select Date (defaults to today's date but can be changed using the calendar button)
  11. Select a Technician (optional - if no technician is selected, this job will appear under unassigned on the scheduled date)
  12. Enter in a Time Window (optional)
  13. Enter in a Duration (optional)
  14. Check box if job is an Emergency Job (these jobs get flagged as urgent on the schedule)
  15. Check box if job is a Repeat Job
  16. If you make this a repeat job, a lightbox appearsmceclip6.png
  17. Select a Frequency
  18. Select an Interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  19. Select a From Date (when this repeat job series should start)
  20. Select an Until Date (optional)
  21. If Weekly, select which day(s) of the week the job will Repeat On
  22. Get a Route Recommendation to see possible route options (requires Routes)
  23. Click Confirm
  24. Note: If the job is a repeat job, the Technician field will become required 
  25. Add Services by typing into the search bar
  26. Add Driver Notesmceclip8.png
  27. Enter in a Disclaimer (optional)mceclip9.png
  28. Note: If you have a Default Service Ticket Disclaimer, it should appear here by default.
  29. Send Confirmation Email to Customer (optional)mceclip10.png
  30. Click Save


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